APEDA invites exporters’ participation in promotion of mangoes in China

Date & Time: 2019-05-21 04:59:43

APEDA has invited exporters for participation in the mango promotion programmes its plans to organise (in association with the Indian embassy in China) in the Chinese cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou over a seven-day period between June 3 and 9, 2019 . The authority sees China as a potential untapped market for export of the fruit. “A two-day progamme would be organised in each place. The programme at all the locations will have buyer-seller meets and in-store promotions at reputed stores being tied up by doing wet sampling of mangoes. The mangoes to be used for wet sampling would be sent by participating exporters to the Indian embassy as per the quantity decided by APEDA,”  Mangoes to be sent to the Indian embassy would have a label of diplomatic bag with the required protocol and labels as mentioned in the India-China Protocol, it added, stating that the interested mango exporters had been requested to join the mango promotion programme and give their acceptance by May 22, 2019, with their full details and a copy of their passports.