Growing Crops in a Water-stressed Land

Date & Time: 2020-03-28 12:28:15

Agriculture is our only recourse to get food – if farmers chose to do anything but farming, hunger will strike mankind. However, agriculture is also accused of being the source of misery in India – it is said to be one of the largest consumers of freshwater and the reason of fast-depleting groundwater levels. The overall water availability in a country or a region is indicated through water stress and scarcity levels. International norms dictate that a country is designated as water stressed and water scarce if per capita availability of water is below 1700 cubic meter and 1000 cubic meter, respectively. In India, per capita water availability is 1544 cubic meter, pushing it into the zone of water-stressed country.?Unless drastic measures are adopted, it will be a matter of time that India becomes a water-scarce country as well.???