Vanilla Brings the Flavour of Success to Kerala Farmers

Date & Time: 2020-03-13 07:27:42

Vanilla, one of the exotic and second most expensive spices after Saffron has brought the flavor of success in the Indian market. In the present context, Vanilla farming can be regarded as the most rewarding or profitable cultivation adopted by the farmers across the globe due to the chances of higher returns. Moreover, Vanilla farming has brought back the smile and success to a handful of farmers in Kerala at a time when prices of other plantation crops are moving down. As per reports, prices of dry vanilla beans are hovering between Rs.22,000 and Rs.30,000 a kg in the Indian market due to the lower production, depending on its quality. Joseph Sebastain, a vanilla farmer of Idukki district, Kerela said: “It cannot be said that prices are declining, but there is a slight correction from last year’s higher levels”.