Why India needs agripreneurship?

Date & Time: 2020-03-11 07:23:06

For starters in this area – an entrepreneur is someone who organizes, starts, operates and in effective control of a business or commercial venture. She or he could also be an innovator in product/service/process or design and can maximise profits by adopting new strategies or ventures. Quite similar, an agripreneur is an individual who starts, organizes and manages a business venture focusing on the agricultural sector. Broadly, agri-entrepreneurship or agripreneurship provides value addition to agricultural resources typically engaging rural human resources. The finished goods and services coming out of agrientrepreneurial initiatives are generally procured and produced out of resources in rural areas, the consumption of which however may be both urban and rural. Agricultural entrepreneurship is not remotely dissimilar to other forms of entrepreneurship, e.g. for-profit entrepreneurship, sustainable entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, eco-entrepreneurship, but maintains the specific context of the agricultural sector.