Hy-Line makes history with new breeding program in India

Date & Time: 2020-03-06 07:07:55

  Unique challenges, unique conditions, unique climate. Each phrase describes the growing country of India. To meet these challenges, egg farmers in India require a bird that has been tested and proven locally.   To meet this need, Hy-Line International recently initiated a breeding program in India for the Hy-Line W-80, customizing this international bird for India. This new approach is the first of its kind in the nearly 85-year history of the Hy-Line genetics program. “The Hy-line W-80 is on her way to becoming a unique Indian variety,” said Dr Petek Settar,Hy-Line International’s Senior Geneticist leading the India breeding program. “We chose to begin our first genetics program outside of the USA in India for the unique conditions and great potential to feed the growing population.