CII identifies 31 items with high export potential

Date & Time: 2019-07-24 05:47:56

A targeted export strategy that identifies and boosts the right products is imperative for achieving double-digit export growth. An export strategy assumes greater significance given a rapidly changing global trade landscape, shifting of global value chains and new free trade agreements, including mega trade agreements. CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) has analysed and identified 31 items with high potential for exports such as women’s apparel, drugs, cyclic hydrocarbons and furniture. India’s exports in the first quarter of the on-going fiscal contracted compared to exports in the same period last year due to weakening of global trade growth and lower demand. In 2018-19, India’s exports  increased 9 per cent to  hit a new high of $331 billion, breaching the previous high of $314 billion clocked in 2013-14.